Dekal Load Banks
The shortest lead times in the aviation industry
Dekal Load Banks
All our products are backed up by the longest warranty on the market
Dekal Load Banks
Innovative approach for the user friendly civilian and military operations


Here are some of the customers which are already using our unique equipment for several years. Supplying various portable load banks (400Hz AC, 270V DC & 28.5V DC), several AC and DC power analyzers, including cable testers, makes our company complete solution source for all your needs. We offer individual client advisement & customized product engineering on top of it. Trust cannot be bought, it needs to be earned!

Wide range of applications from one source is an advantage, which our customers find very important and convenient. Backed up by the longest warranty period for entire product range, followed by the shortest lead time on the market, are strong advantages only Dekal is able to offer. Find out on your own by contacting us today – join vast community which already uses our unique equipment.


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